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Empowering Women Through Weed

All over the world, women are subjected to discrimination and unequal rights to men. We aren’t paid as much, are expected to cook and clean despite having a job as well as being bound by centuries and centuries of patriarchy and religion which saw to the descent of women. Well, not only are women uniting against patriarchy but we are also turning to empowering our fellow women. The importance of actively empowering our women and girls goes beyond the benefit to self esteem, it has become a necessity for the development societies and many women are using weed to do just that. 

Women’s Discrimination and Unequal Rights 

Despite the feminism revolution and all the hard working being put into elevating the status and equality of women, the end to discrimination towards women is along road away. Let’s have a look at some of the manners in which women are discriminated against as well as some of the most shocking manners in which women are still not equal to men. 

  1. Women make less money than men.

Although this issue has been put in the spotlight, many women still face arguments supporting men’s continued rise to power while overlooking women. These arguments include statements such as “women are already equal to men, they just can’t keep up with men in the industry because they haven’t worked hard enough” or that “men were born with inherent and biological advantages over women”. The Pew Research Center explained that on average, women in America need to work an extra 40 days a year to match what males in the same position make in just a year. This pay gap is even worse for our sisters of black and hispanic origins. 

  1. Women pay more for household items than men do.

Many women may not know that they are facing discrimiation and unequal rights in this regard, but we are being charged more for common household items which men also need and use. According to the Business Insider, women pay, for example,  48% more for shampoos and conditioners, 11% more for razors, shavers and lotions as well as 10% more for jeans and 15% more for shirts than men do. So now we’re stuck  in situations where we make less but are charged more. 

  1. Women are underrepresented in governments.

According to U.N Women, only 24% of all parliamentarians were female when accessed in February 2019. Furthermore, U.S News reported that 51% of the American population consists of women, but only 25% of the Senate and 23% of the House representatives are female. The statistics speak for themselves...majority of the population but represented as a minority. 

  1. Women entrepreneurs receive less funding and investments than men.

While the venture capital gap has been known for quite some time, there hasn’t been much improvement. In fact, some seem to find it worsening and have found that $58.2 billion was invested into companies with all-male founders, while only $1.46 billion was invested into the companies of women. 

  1. Despite the fact that most women these days have jobs, we’re still expected to take care of the household.

In today’s times, women are more educated with our employment rates being higher than ever, yet still not where it should be. Despite the fact that we are pursuing our own career goals, we are still expected to manage household tasks such as cleaning, cooking and doing laundry...and this all without considering the full time job of being a mother. 

  1. Women are more likely to become victims of human trafficking, rape, harrassment and domestic violence.

The Global Report on Trafficking in Persons is released by the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime. The report found that trafficking was at an all time high and that there were two persistent trends. One of which is the ever increasing number of girls being forced into trafficking for sexual exploitation. The other being that trafficking is being used as a tool for war. WHO reports that 1 in 3 women have experienced some kind of violence or abuse from a partner in their lifetime, while a shocking 38% of women's death worldwide was committed by their partner. Additionally, reports have shown that 1 in 6 American women have either been raped or have experienced an attempted rape. Although, male trafficking and rape numbers are also on the climb despite being less likely to fall victim to such intrusive circumstances. 

  1. Women in competitive sports don’t become as successful and iconic as their male counterparts. 

The gap between female and male wages, audiences and recognition in terms of sports is becoming blatant to citizens all over the world. When one compares the highest paid male and female play of a variety of sports, you’ll be shocked. Let’s turn to football for example, Lionel Messi, the highest paid male, gets paid around $39 000 000 while Ada Hegerberg, highest paid female, gets around $450 000

While these matters are important, I could write an entire essay on even more discrimination women face, as well as on the unequal rights and opportunities that women are subjected to.

Why is Women Empowerment Important?

In my opinion, the reason behind empowering women should really not be up for discussion. It’s simple, the importance of empowering women is to give women what we rightfully deserve...equal rights and opportunity free from discrimination. Women have the right to participate to the full extent of what society offers. From education to politics to religion and work, women should be allowed to make their own decisions, as do men.  Empowerment assist with the reduction in domestic violence as the people stand together to give value to women. 

Women deserve to feel their self-worth, their confidence and their freedom to make decisions about their lives. When women are empowered, we solve issues of unemployment by allowing their talents and strengths to be recognized and utilized. They begin to understand their abilities and intelligence which boosts their self confidence. It would make sense that many men fear the empowerment of women since it will mean we are no longer dependent on men. 

Empowering Women Through Weed

The rising power and influence of women can surpass the current limitations imposed on us. The cannabis industry is set to see heightened interest from women as we take to shaping the industry through the multiple women based initiatives and cannabis companies. These organizations are focused on being inclusive, supportive and aim to inspire women through offering communities for connection. 

Greenfield Markets explain how men are in control of the retail market as 80% of all purchases in automotive  and healthcare, 65% in apparel as well as 45% in electronic purchases are done by women. They also explain that 50% of women believe that marketers are doing an insufficient job in appealing to them and that the reason may lay in the fact that the corporate marketing managers making the decisions are males. Additionally they explain that women in the cannabis industry are revolutionary, not because of the women empowerment that their initiatives offer, but due to the fact that their decision making around cannabis products is driven by their concern for what’s best for their loved ones. 

The number of women leaders and entrepreneurs with positions of power in the cannabis industry is relatively high in comparison to other industries, despite the fact that the cannabis industry is still new. It has been reported that 23% of the executives in the cannabis industry are made up of women and that women hold 50% of the decision making positions in laboratories and processing departments. 

Cannabis companies are frequently holding summits, conferences and events in order to empower and celebrate the women in the cannabis industry. Such as the 2020 Canna Chats presented by She Blazing, which aimed to inform and equip women aspiring to and interested in the cannabis industry. The Canna Chats featured pioneering and motivational women who spoke on women led cannabis brands and on navigating cultivation, to name a couple. 

Women are using the cannabis platform to equip, educate and motivate other women in order to provide them with rightful opportunity and self-confidence to take on the industry, or other industries if they choose. 

Let’s not forget that the cannabis plant itself, which we cultivate for consumption of its cannabinoids, is female. Just like the consumption of the male plant wouldn’t deliver the same benefits and effects as its female counterpart, there is no cause that would be able to succeed without the support and active participation of women.

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